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4724RE: Ad: NuttX configuration for Olimex STM32-P207 board

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  • spudarnia
    Nov 14, 2013
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      > the attachment contains a patch file which

      > - adds CAN_TSEG1 and CAN_TSEG2 options to the Kconfig file of STM32. This is
      > necessary so that CAN_TSEG2 can be set to 8 for the Olimex board to achive a
      > baud rate of exactly 250 kbps - previously CAN_TSEG2 was set to the default
      > value of 7 which leads to a slightly different baud rate causing transmission
      > errors.
      > - disables loopback mode for CAN - otherwise received packets are not seen.
      > Note that the CAN example is disabled too.
      > This patch file applies to nuttx-6.31.

      Checked in.  Thanks.


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