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4720Re: [nuttx] About Bluetooth Support

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  • Christian Cier-Zniewski
    Nov 14, 2013

      I would also like to add this one:

      I have started to extract all the necessary parts that are needed for Bluetooth Low Energy from the Linux kernel (BlueZ).
      It already contains HCI, L2CAP, ATT and SMP.

      So far I am using a normal USB BT4.0 dongle to communicate with other BLE devices.
      Tested on Linux and Windows. Embedded systems are also very well suited.

      However, the transport method USB could be easily exchanged to UART:
      enum {

      int usb_init();
      void usb_close();
      int usb_get_packet(int type, unsigned char *packet, unsigned short size );

      int usb_send_cmd_packet(u8 *packet, u16 size);
      int usb_send_acl_packet(u8 *packet, u16 size);

      My focus is to keep it simple so that it will run from a single task on a microcontroller. According to the BLE spec. most BLE devices are very memory constrained
      and so command/response/event queueing is not necessary here.

      At the moment I can discover devices and connect to them.
      GATT procedures and SMP is not working yet, but some code is aleady there.


      Am 12.11.2013 12:13, schrieb Alan Carvalho de Assis:

      Hi Yiran,

      I'm aware of two BT implementations for microcontrollers: lwBT and BTstack:

      I discovered about lwBT few years ago, via this post:

      Unfortunately the original project page is not accessible anymore and
      the project appears stalled:

      But someone forked it on github:

      More about lwBT:

      The other project (BTstack) is more active with recent updates:

      It has support to Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and in the source code there is
      a port to uC/OS-II, then it makes sense to add a port to NuttX.

      Best Regards,


      On 11/12/13, Librae <librae8226@...> wrote:
      > Guys,
      > Just wondering, is there any schedule to support bluetooth or just
      > bluetooth modules?
      > Or, is anyone doing it or willing to do it?
      > I am committed to bluetooth part these days in a android related project,
      > but not so familiar with it yet, looking forward to see it working on
      > NuttX, since bluetooth especially LE feature are quite hot on small
      > embedded devices.
      > Thanks,
      > Librae

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