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4717Re: [nuttx] About Bluetooth Support

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  • Yiran Liao
    Nov 13, 2013

      You are so cool!
      That is extremely interesting. I found some instructions in sticknfind website, it makes many things happen indeed.
      I think nordic does great work in wireless field. Per pure technology point of view, they might doing a better job than ti.

      You mentioned reverse engineering in previous mail, yep, that could be a trial. I am still afraid of license issues.
      Thus the worst thing for us to use nordic stuffs is still just as Gerd described, their resources are not as friendly as ti's to developers.

      As for a basic port, it is really worth a try.
      Several days ago I took some glimpse on the link you mentioned in Sproutling’s code, it seemed that they removed some nordic sdk stuffs in recent
      commits, but we can still find them in git log, what a mess  ;-)
      Ps: Sproutling is going to make something that monitor babies’ health status, that makes sense and is valuable.

      For your sticknfind re-developing issues, I believe you can get it through.

      Here’s a link sells nrf51822 development board in *Bao, a fake one compared with official DK board, but enough for experiment:
      Originally from:

      The owner got the official resources and shared them.

      Besides, I take a quick look at the official document from nordic about SoftDevice:
      This concept came up from nordic sdk. It describes the interfaces for applications to use the nordic bluetooth stack.
      And makes it possible to build user application and 
      It uses SVC mechanism in Cortex-M0 to implement the the whole stuff, so we may hardly get access to the source, or binary.
      This is one reason that it is not so friendly as ti which provides static libraries.
      Also, it might cause trouble in running a RTOS.


      On Nov 13, 2013, at 8:32 PM, Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@...> wrote:

      Hi All,

      On 11/12/13, Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@...> wrote:
      > I'm considering trying to port NuttX to nRF51822, although I don't
      > have an evaluation board yet. I just have a Stick'n'Find that I
      > already teardown, but its pins are to small to solder a JTAG :-/

      I teardown my stick'n'find again and discovered that SWD pins (pins 23
      and 24) are accessible in two test points (in fact fixture programming

      Now it is matter of getting OpenOCD working with it and creating some
      testing code with GCC.

      I found some useful links about it:


      The main issue of nRF51822 to OpenOCD is because it combines SWDIO and
      RESET in the same pin:

      Other alternative is to start using Segger Jlink to flash this device,
      but I don't have it here.

      Best Regards,


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