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4716Re: [nuttx] RE: About Bluetooth Support

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  • Yiran Liao
    Nov 13 6:47 AM
      Hi Greg,

      I’d feel so honoured if there’s a chance for me and would love to a have try of course.

      For me, the current obstacle is that there are little time left for diving into NuttX due to some on-going projects awaiting to be done.
      Fortunately, one of the responsibility for me is to maintain the bluetooth related things.
      I am still a pure wonder guy in bluetooth and protocol stack field, and this could be a good time for me to learn it.

      And I believe there are many bluetooth expert here that could do more contribution to this schedule. With you guys’ help I think this will probably happen.
      Keep posted on anything construction!
      Thanks a lot here.


      On Nov 13, 2013, at 9:40 PM, <spudarnia@...> <spudarnia@...> wrote:


      Back to your original question:

      > Just wondering, is there any schedule to support bluetooth or just bluetooth modules?
      > Or, is anyone doing it or willing to do it?

      Based upon the responses to your question, I would say that there is a lot of interest.  But I have not heard anyone step and take the responsibility for providing Bluetooth support.  But since there is interest, we could probably make it happen as a group if someone took leadership for defining and effort.  Is that something that you could do?

      The first step would be to define the common, device independent user interface.  Whether you are using a BT stack or a module, that interface should be the same.  So I would pick a  BT stack and use that to provide the user interface definition.


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