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4710Re: [nuttx] About Bluetooth Support

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  • Gerd v. Egidy
    Nov 12, 2013
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      > Yes, this makes perfect sense... I do not know how NordicSemi nRF51822
      > SW is organized, but I figuret that there is some BT API called from
      > the SW running on Cortex-M0. In that case it should be possible to
      > replace just that part of the SW by NuttX, and have proprietary BT
      > stack.

      This would work as long
      a) as bluetooth actions are only invoked by the system itself (and not from
      remote systems)
      b)as bluetooth actions don't have strict timing requirements

      But both points are not valid for BLE. You only have so many ┬Ás from a request
      on air until you have to respond. So the BLE-stack has to be integrated
      somehow with the scheduling logic of the RTOS.

      Since the BLE-stack from Nordic Semi is closed source, it is hard to get such
      integration work well. Another problem is that you can't just download the
      detailed documentation or the stack object code from their website, you have
      to buy one of their evaluation modules before you get access to that.

      But I still think the solution from Nordic Semi is much better than what you
      get from other vendors. You get the full register documentation of the radio
      interface. So you could implement your own BLE-stack on their controller,
      which is a quite nice Cortex M0 with enough flash and ram.

      Their competitor Bluegiga for example does not document the radio interface or
      even give you real access to the microcontroller, you have to write your
      programs in some kind of scripting language which is then interpreted on the

      So to sum it up: the best solution would be to develop or integrate a true
      bluetooth stack in NuttX. It should have several interfaces, e.g. native radio
      for the Nordic Semi solutions and an HCI interface for solutions with a
      separate radio controller.
      Maybe you could get the closed solution from Nordic to work with NuttX, but if
      that can really be done successfully is hard to predict before you are done.

      Kind regards,

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