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4709Re: Re: [nuttx] About Bluetooth Support

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  • Drasko DRASKOVIC
    Nov 12 11:34 AM
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      Hi Greg,

      On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 3:11 PM, <spudarnia@...> wrote:
      > We have a similar situation with wireless and with TCP/IP. NuttX has a
      > built-in TCP/IP stack. David Sidrane recently went through the exercise of
      > getting an external module with its own TCP/IP stack working with NuttX.
      > That exercise was painful because the TCP/IP interface was not designed to
      > work with either built-in in or external TCP/IP stacks.

      If I understand well, there is now support in NuttX for CC3000 that
      uses NuttXs' TCP/IP stack and NOT the CC3000 internal proprietary FW?

      Best regards,
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