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4708Re: [nuttx] About Bluetooth Support

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  • Drasko DRASKOVIC
    Nov 12, 2013
      Hi Alan,

      On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 5:49 PM, Alan Carvalho de Assis
      <acassis@...> wrote:
      > You don't need to find a BT module without BT stack, the idea is to
      > replace original proprietary stack.
      > I think you know enough about free and open source software. If all
      > you care about is time-to-market, ok!, stick with proprietary solution
      > and don't look back.
      > But, if you want to get total control over the microcontroller and get
      > all juice this microcontroller can offer, then running NuttX on it
      > with an open source stack make sense.
      > My former employer company used to develop tracking devices using a
      > Base Band processor and running their tracking software on that as a
      > task from original proprietary baseband realtime operating system.
      > Everytime they found a new BUG it was a nightmare, many weeks/months
      > to get a fix, sometimes there are not fix at all.

      Thanks for clarifications. I thought that maybe I overlooked something
      and there are some BLE modules on the market without the stack inside,
      thus much cheaper...

      >>> I think NordicSemi nRF51822 (used on Stick'n'Find) is a good candidate
      >>> to run NuttX. It an ARM Cortex M0 with 256KB of flash and 16KB of RAM.
      >> AFAIK NordicSemi nRF51822 has already BT stack integrated.
      > Yes, but you need to create your application along with their
      > proprietary firmware, then your application run like an task of their
      > system.
      > In this case you need to go with their proprietary solution and forget
      > about NuttX.
      > Porting NuttX to run on this microcontroller and getting direct
      > control over internal BT interface will give you all benefits of NuttX
      > system.
      > I'm not saying it is a easy thing to do, it is not. But adding a BT
      > stack on NuttX, at least a BLE stack, will open doors to do more thing
      > with your bluetooth module.

      Yes, this makes perfect sense... I do not know how NordicSemi nRF51822
      SW is organized, but I figuret that there is some BT API called from
      the SW running on Cortex-M0. In that case it should be possible to
      replace just that part of the SW by NuttX, and have proprietary BT
      stack. Again, I am totally for FLOSS approach, but am here just
      discussing possibilities.

      Best regards,
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