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Re: [NUTS] Favorite Caches in 2004

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  • Jenn Oates
    If you think last year s GBES rally was good, wait until THIS year! It s going to be even better. /shameless hustling of event ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 2, 2005
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      If you think last year's GBES rally was good, wait
      until THIS year!

      It's going to be even better.

      /shameless hustling of event

      --- Donald Liddiard <redhawk6611@...> wrote:

      > We had a tough time with this, there were so many
      > great caches this past year. It was interesting to
      > note that in thinking about our various hunts, the
      > things that stood out that made certain caches
      > special were... the people we encountered, the
      > experience of the hunt, or the quality of the hide.
      > That said, our favorites are: first and foremost
      > were the events... NUTS, RCGDS, GBES... it truly is
      > about the great people in this sport! The GBES
      > Navigational Rally by Drofrockology and crew was an
      > amazingly fun and challenging series of caches and
      > terrific group of people. For experience on the
      > hunt, Beach Walk #1 by Berliner was a blast as we
      > met the great Berliner, prolific hider of micros on
      > the Oregon Coast (last we checked he had about 65
      > micros and had found only 100+). Also for
      > experience, SOS...SOS...SOS by Tigger2 was pretty
      > exciting even though it was just a virtual, we did
      > it in gale force winds at the height of a severe
      > winter storm and almost couldn't get the car doors
      > open... or closed! Quality caches with incredible
      > scenery, were many but our favorite was Smithers
      > First by Hart & Nell in British Columbia, which was
      > a hike to a pair of twin falls. Crystal also wants
      > to add Feather Falls CITO by Firedawn as a memorable
      > cache with beautiful views. Our Alaska hunts... all
      > of them... were spectacularly beautiful and
      > intense... we constantly anticipated a run in with a
      > bear or moose. Closer to home Hans Bricker by Badge
      > and Butterfly and Uniontown Cemetery by old hippy
      > and Granny, and just about anything by Buster1
      > (except for Steak on the Run, but we don't talk
      > about that), and Hook, Line and...?(we didn't get
      > there) by Escapades was fast becoming a favorite
      > until it was archived :o( all made for great hides.
      > And there were a lot more... to many to mention...
      > that were superlative in quality of hide, the
      > experience, and people encountered! What a great
      > enhancement to our life experience. Thanks for
      > asking!! Happy New Year, Rock&Crystal
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      > From: Escapades
      > Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 10:37 PM
      > To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [NUTS] Favorite Caches in 2004
      > It is getting near the end of the year, I thought it
      > might be fun if
      > everyone posted there favorite caches of the past
      > year.
      > Mike
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