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  • Huntnlady
    I learned about Geocaching two years ago when somebody in my email group on backpacking mentioned finding geocaches. I wrote, what s that? and they gave me
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2005
      I learned about Geocaching two years ago when somebody in my email group on backpacking mentioned finding geocaches.  I wrote, "what's that?" and they gave me the web site.  I was pleased that there were several caches in the parks of my hometown of Napa, but I didn't own a gps receiver. 
      I was thrilled to find my first cache, Westwood Hills, and immediately put the wrong trade item in it- a granola bar and an obsidian arrowhead.
      I found my first ten caches before I got a gps unit, which cost me $106. online.  I am still using that magellin unit.
      I enjoy this because I like getting outdoors and hunting for stuff.  My passion is biggame hunting, hence the name Huntnlady, but geocaching has led me to new areas in the outdoors, a few of which are places to hunt.  Geocaching has the advantage of being able to do it yearround, where hunting season is limited.
      One amusing story is when Tennis Lady and I were on mountain bikes geocaching in Annadel park.  It was in June and the weather was quite hot.  We were doing the multicache, Annadel Challenge, and picking the other five or six caches in the park while the Challenge led us all through it.  It was nearing noon.  We did one cache and I traded my signature item Ladybug magnet for a bottle opener.  Then we decided we were going to eat lunch after the next cache which had a bench nearby.  I found the cache and was surprised to find an unopened bottle of Heinekin in a new one of those foam bottle holder coolers.  Having been in a hollow log, and in the bottle cozy, it was fairly cool when I drank it with my lunch, and I had the bottle opener with which to open it.  A non-cacher had found the cache and left that as her trade item.  How cool is that?
      I don't really get irritated with other cachers or people that just don't know about the sport.  It is disheartening to have a cache taken.  Newbies to the sport sometimes need a friendly email to tell them how to log a travel bug or how to log their finds.  My only pet peeve is cache owners who rate their caches a 1 star terrain, which is supposed to be accessable to people in wheelchairs, and then when I do the cache it turns out to be up a steep mountain trail over rocks, etc.  There are wheelchair and other handicapped cachers out there.
      It also bugs me when cachers don't maintain their caches even after the finders note that there is a problem with it.
      Geocaching is all about getting outside and finding something.  There is a little competition aspect in it too- I do keep track of my number of finds, but only as a series of milestones that I keep surpassing.  Geocaching is a great way to get to know the area you are caching in, and finding new areas and attractions.  Many a fun memory is made out geocaching.

      MaryRose Lovgren <maryroselovgren@...> wrote:

      Hello, All!
      My name is MaryRose Lovgren and I am doing an article on geocaching
      for the Chico News & Review, a weekly paper that often does stories
      that are of local interest.  I have been graciously invited on my
      first geocaching "hunt" with the Escapades, and am looking forward
      to learning about this phenomenon first hand.  I would also,
      however, like to gather your thoughts on geocaching, or on your
      organization "NUTS."

      Some random questions to think about:
      How did you learn about it?
      Why do you enjoy this activity?
      What are some amusing adventures that you've experienced?
      What makes you irritated with other geocachers, or even non-
      caching "civilians"?
      What is this activity really all about?

      I will need to have this written by January 10th, so if you'd like
      to respond, please do so in the next week.  I would really
      appreciate your feedback.
      Thank you,
      MaryRose Lovgren

      Northstate Unusual Treasure Seekers!

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