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  • Donald Liddiard
    ... From: MaryRose Lovgren Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 2:28 PM To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com Subject: [NUTS] Your thoughts Hello, All! My name is MaryRose
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      From: MaryRose Lovgren
      Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 2:28 PM
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [NUTS] Your thoughts

      Hello, All!
      My name is MaryRose Lovgren and I am doing an article on geocaching
      for the Chico News & Review, a weekly paper that often does stories
      that are of local interest.  I have been graciously invited on my
      first geocaching "hunt" with the Escapades, and am looking forward
      to learning about this phenomenon first hand.  I would also,
      however, like to gather your thoughts on geocaching, or on your
      organization "NUTS."

      Some random questions to think about:
      How did you learn about it?   Crystal gave me a gps for Christmas and my brother-in-law mentioned geocaching.com, we were in San Diego visiting at the time and looked up our zip code and much to out delight we found three in our home town of Paradise. At that time (2 years ago January 4th) there were under 500 caches within a 100 mile radius of us, there are now 2303!
      Why do you enjoy this activity?   It is the thrill of the hunt, solving of puzzles, history lessons, places we would have never seen had we not chased coordinates, things we'd never have done, the exercise, getting out of the house, avoiding seasonal affective disorder, family participation and sharing, great friendships, the competition (oops... there is none), amazing vistas and fun challenges, and it compliments or life style (we love to travel)... and all that is not necessarily in that order!! :o)
      What are some amusing adventures that you've experienced?    We have lots of stories... we went to Alaska this past summer and cached along the way. In Northern California we have to be mindful of poison oak, rattlesnakes and mosquitoes... in Alaska we had to be mindful of Bears, Moose, and MOSQUITOES! We love to tease the Escapades about poison oak because they unknowingly planted some caches right in the middle of some pretty serious patches. We've had some fun "busting" fellow cachers on the hunt.    We sent our Frozen Tundra Travel Bug to Alaska ahead of us, which we were going to try to catch during our travels... it got bogged down in the high country of Oregon over winter, then when it was finally rescued and moved on, a muggle stole the cache it was in. It was reported to us as missing by the owners, who when they replaced the cache a couple of weeks later, found the original cache had been returned by the guilty party. They emailed us the good news and asked us what we'd like to do with the TB. We were given the coordinates of their house in northern Oregon, and we stopped in to get it on our trip... so it did get to Alaska... and even flew over Mt. McKinley with us. It's now at home taking a rest before heading out on it's next adventure. There are others... too long to place here.
      What makes you irritated with other geocachers, or even non-
      caching "civilians"?    Muggles (civilians) who destroy caches or steal them are mean and evil, cachers that plant caches in trashy or "uninspired" locations, and/or cachers that don't care to play by the rules.
      What is this activity really all about? Shhhhh... competition... Oh yeah, and just plain having fun.

      I will need to have this written by January 10th, so if you'd like
      to respond, please do so in the next week.  I would really
      appreciate your feedback.
      Thank you,
      MaryRose Lovgren

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