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RE: [NUTS] Facebook "Chico Cachers"

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  • Bryan Wright
    Email groups are just another form of social networking, albeit with a simpler interface and fewer potential distractions. I actually find things like FB to
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      Email groups are just another form of social networking, albeit with a simpler interface and fewer potential distractions.  I actually find things like FB to be useful for coordinating outdoor activities (e.g. bike rides, hikes, etc) or finding out about other activities, groups, organizations that I might not have otherwise known about.  That said, it can be a time sink and you have to be careful about that.  I certainly prefer actual face-to-face interaction and agree that IMO there are better things to do than stare at a computer screen since I do that all day anyway.  


      My outdoor activity level has actually gone up to the detriment of my caching time, so go figure.  


      A NUTS event would be pretty cool. 


      **waves at R&C, Thrak, et al**


      The SKWERL (bryan)


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      It WAS kinda vague, huh?.
      As Quad said "You make it what you want." BTW there have been a couple of attempts at a NUTS forum on facebook... don't know if anyone uses it, but I think it's there. I'm not a fan of social media either, but then I work on old cars, so I'm probably a little out of the mainstream. Hey Thrak, I do have some meds for that, I'd be happy to share. The meds go good with bacon!  :o)  
      So now that everyone's been poked, think we need a NUTS event. I'll work on it.
      Later, Rock 

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      Mike, speaking on behalf of probably everyone, we think you were pussy-footin' around the issue and being a bit vague.  Can you just tell us how you really feel?


      Thanks, J

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      I work in IT. I have worked in IT for years. I was an online gamer for 3.5 years -- a VERY serious gamer who spent 2.5 - 16 hours per day, EVERY day, online and gaming (Dark Age of Camelot).  I do not do any social networking. I was SAVED by geocaching. I probably quite literally owe my family life and my sanity to Bobolu for introducing me to geocaching. I went outside and never did online gaming again.  If others want to do Facebook and things of that sort they are welcome to do so but I will never participate in things of this sort. Yes, I sound like an old curmudgeon. So what?

      Note: If you don't know the word curmudgeon maybe you need to stop doing online stuff and watching television and start reading books instead. I think I was probably in the third or fourth grade when I learned that word................  Get off of the computer. Turn off the television. READ. Go outside and geocache. You will be better for it.

      </soapbox off>

      Sorry for being so adamant but that's really how I feel. I won't waste my time or my life on social networking sites.

      On 8/22/2011 7:29 PM, Courtney wrote:


      I thought that those people that are interested could "like" the new "Chico Cachers" Facebook page. I called it Chico Cachers but really it is for any area and we can all discuss anything, or anywhere geocaching. Just another way to promote discussion and conversation about geocaching, in Chico or in the surrounding areas.

      It can really be anything geocaching. You make it what you want. Another way to build community.



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