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Re: [NUTS] Tahoe Rim Trail - Looking for help to execute a devious(but fun) plan.

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  • Cindy Rafter
    Oh that sounds like so much fun and my hubbies love the Tahoe area but could never get him to commit! Good luck finding the perfect couple. It will be a blast!
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 2010
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      Oh that sounds like so much fun and my hubbies love the Tahoe area but could never get him to commit! Good luck finding the perfect couple. It will be a blast!

      Luc Pockets 

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      On Mar 27, 2010, at 6:55 PM, Jef Spencer <snspencer@...> wrote:


      Anyone want to join the 165 Mile Club?  No this has nothing to do with getting busy on the international space station.  But how cool would that be?  And to sign the log on the cache that’s up there to boot? (FTF is still up for grabs)


      Shhhhh… this is a secret!!  I have an idea for a surprise outing with my wife(The Bosss) but before I move ahead with any planning I wanted to see if anyone would want to help and participate.  It would be a fun outing for all involved. (Replying to this list would be OK since The Bosss is not tuned in to it.)


      Dates Unknown – 2 day trip.  Sometime this summer.

      Place – Tahoe (section of the Tahoe Rim Trail, TBD)


      The outing – Two groups or couples head up to Tahoe in one vehicle to tackle a section of the Tahoe Rim Trial.(Early AM with breakfast on the way)  The section to be hiked will require an overnight camp.  Couple one drops couple two off at one end of the trailhead.  As couple two sets out on the trail, couple one drives to the opposite end of the trail section and hikes back towards couple one.  They meet half way in the afternoon of day one and set up camp.(A trade off for the car keys occurs)  Day two, each couple continues on their journey for the second half of the Tahoe Rim Trail section.  Couple two completes the trail and drives the car back to the other end of the section to retrieve couple one.  Any caches along or near the trail would of course be targets too!!


      They all head home with a stop for dinner on the way.


      That’s the basic idea.  Anyone game?  If so let me know by contacting me directly at SNSpencer@yahoo. com.  Who knows, there may be a number of groups interested. 


      There are some obstacles to overcome but that would be tackled in the planning stages.  Things to consider are:

      Childcare arrangements

      A date(s) that works for everyone involved

      Picking a section of trail that everyone can do

      Altitude and the effect it will have on our hiking ability

      And much, much more.


      Of course I would supply the transportation but camping gear and food will be the individual’s responsibility.  My long term goal is to complete the entire Tahoe Rim Trail before I move on to the next plane of existence.  This is one way to start the journey.


      Looking forward to hearing back from anyone.  I think this could be alot of fun, not to mention the views of Tahoe Lake along the way.


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