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Re: [NUTS] Congratulations Mrs. Tanky

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  • Helen
    I want to add my congratulations, Pat, even if I gave them to you at the time you found your #7000. It s great caching with you. Helen ... From:
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      I want to add my congratulations, Pat, even if I gave them to you at the time you found your #7000.  It's great caching with you.  Helen
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      Wanted to throw in our congratulations too, Pat. Way to go. Guess we need to get a move on! Cache happy, R&C

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      Congratultions pat you rock when it's time to cache HAPPYCACHING BE SAFE   Bud and Barb

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      Congratulations coming to you from Central Oregon. Pat that is an awesome number to reach. Congrats again and Happy Caching to a great Lady.
      Don & Kricket
      whitetail39& travler13

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