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Another interesting caching adventure

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    I saw this in the geocaching forums. This could have been a lot worse...still very scary This is an update on a true story at Buck s crossing by Rentakid
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2004
      I saw this in the geocaching forums.  This could have been a lot worse...still very scary
      This is an update on a true story at Buck's crossing by Rentakid 3/1/03
      Concerning: GEM's and The Good Stuff (A geocaching couple)

      The Good Stuff and I had planned to hike on DNR Elbe Hills Horse trails to be a FTF on Buck's Crossing by Rentakid. We took Hwy 706 toward Mt. Rainier and then headed North on Park Junction Road. We headed in west along the railroad tracks off Park Junction Road. We opened one unlocked gate and seeing no signs we continued on a gravel road through a field and up into the woods and parked @ N46 45.933 W122 08.293 near a DNR Boundary Marker. We hiked up to Buck Crossing got the coveted FTF at N46 45.871 W122 07.808 and back to Jeep it took a little over 2 hours.

      Upon our return to the Jeep we heard a gun shot and some yelling. When arriving back at the Jeep we were confronted by two men on horseback with revolvers. One was a Native American with long black hair, wearing a cowboy hat and chaps. The other man called him �Ronnie�. The other was a white older man with a brown beard, also wearing a cowboy hat and chaps; he never left his horse. We found out later that they had removed the coil cable from the Jeep engine to prevent us from leaving. The white man had the coil cable in his saddle bag. They both had been heavily drinking and were carrying Milwaukee�s Best beer and were very angry. They yelled, do you want to spend the night in jail so I called 911 (case 780). I told the 911 operator that we needed immediate assistance that we had been accused of trespassing and the land owners were drinking, had hand guns and were very upset. The 911 operator talked to the Native American first and the white man next. The Native American told me to hang it up; I left it on so the 911 operator could continue to hear the conversation and the urgency in our report. They regularly used obscenities and continued yelling, accusing us of trespassing. The Native American said things like: We�re gonna scalp you. We�re gonna teach you a lesson. We�re gonna tie you up and drag you behind our horses. Where�s my rope? We�re gonna kick your a**. I don�t like you. You�re a threat to me. The Native American said he was gonna use �Indian Justice� to teach us a lesson. The Native American said he was a �Tribal Officer� and he asked for our ID. The Native American told us to put our ID on the hood of the Jeep. When we hesitated he became agitated and pulled his weapon. At one point the weapon was pointed directly at me. We were continually called names and yelled at, and searched. The Native American told us to raise our hands and he searched The Good Stuff(male) and me. They did not search The Good Stuff (female). The Native American again yelled at each of us and called us names and made additional threats while standing with his weapon inches from our face. He told us he didn�t like us and felt we were a threat to him. He repeatedly said he wanted to beat us, while the white man asked the Native American to let us go a couple of times. The Native American was mad at us for being white, for being from South Hill/Puyallup. The Native American made references to us white people taking his land. The white man never made threats. The Native American asked if we had any weapons. The Good Stuff(male) told them that he had a loaded pistol in his backpack and that he had a permit to carry it. The Native American searched the backpack he put on leather gloves he reached into our bag and pulled out The Good Stuff(male)�s 45 caliber hand gun and told us to start walking into the woods. The white man said �No Ronnie, let em go!� The Native American pulled out the gun and removed the clip. He asked if one was in the chamber, The Good Stuff(male) said no. The Native American held up the gun to fire it, pointed it into the woods and said if there is one in the chamber I�m gonna kick your a**. He fired the weapon and it did not discharge. He gave the weapon back to The Good Stuff(male) and unloaded the clip and threw the bullets at his feet and told him to pick them up. The Good Stuff(female) began to pick up the bullets and our other belongings that had been strewn along the ground.

      Eventually the White man gave us the coil cord and told us to put it back on the engine. The Native American wanted to search the vehicle. He yelled at The Good Stuff(female) and told her to get out of the way she was loading up the Jeep. She didn�t move and said we are leaving now. He told her to back up two feet. She did not and he pushed her out of the way and began to search the back seat. After a brief search he backed away we quickly entered the vehicle and left. The 911 operator was still on the line and she said she heard the whole conversation. She told us to meet a WSP at the Elbe Post office. We waited there for a short time but were uncomfortable with the distance to the property so we headed to Graham. We waited for almost an hour at the Evergreen Presbyterian Church for a Pierce County Sheriff but none responded, we were told they were very busy so we went home. The Good Stuff filed a report with the Pierce County Sheriff later that night at his home.

      State of Washington vs Ronald James Hartgrove
      Pierce County Superior Court Case # 03-1-04858-7
      Charge: Assault in the 2nd Degree (3 counts)
      Unlawful possession of a Firearm in the 2nd Degree

      Charges were filed in this case.
      The defendant received a summons to appear in court for an arraignment.

      10/17/2003 INFORMATION & PROBABLE CAUSE Public 4
      10/17/2003 CERTIFICATE OF ADDRESS SEARCH Public 1
      10/20/2003 ORDER FOR ISSUANCE OF SUMMONS Public 1
      10/20/2003 SUMMONS Public 1
      10/22/2003 RETURN ON SUMMONS Public 1
      11/04/2003 CERTIFICATE OF ADDRESS SEARCH Public 1
      11/04/2003 BENCH WARRANT Public 1
      04/23/2004 SHERIFF'S RETURN ON BW Public 1
      04/26/2004 RECEIPT OF DISCOVERY Public 1
      04/26/2004 ORDER SETTING TRIAL DATE Public 1
      04/26/2004 PRE-TRIAL REPORT Public 2
      04/27/2004 Notice of Appearance Public 1

      Pierce County Corrections Custody Status: In Custody
      Jail Name: HARTGROVE, RONALD
      Last Booking Number: 2004114032

      Date Outcome
      05/13/2004 08:30 AM PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE
      06/10/2004 08:30 AM JURY TRIAL

      It was great to have TravisL and Kitelady present at the first hearing in October 2003!

      Stay tuned for a possible event cache at the trial!
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