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The BallBoyz! Are Coming!

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  • not_yourze
    For those few who know me personally,I ve been promising to put out the BallBoyz! Multi-Cache. Well I ve finally decided how I m going to do it. Here s a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2008
      For those few who know me personally,I've been promising to put out
      the "BallBoyz!" Multi-Cache.
      Well I've finally decided how I'm going to do it.

      Here's a little preview,

      "The BallBoyz! are a group of renagade Christmas ornaments that
      decided life was too boring hanging around the christmas tree.
      So they Camoed up,took the presents,and ran away into the wild.
      If you can find them all,you might get them to reveal the location
      of their hidden cache of toys."

      This Multi is intended for the kids to have a little fun over the
      (Come-on Grown-ups let the kids have this one.)
      It will be placed in the Doe mill,Powellton area.
      look up "GC1D6V5" for aproximate area it will be placed in.
      the road is rough,4-wheel drive recomended.
      the hides will get harder as you go.

      I'm planning on scouting out locations today, and intend to list it
      before christmas.

      The only snag I see is listing it,(not very good at it) so I may
      need to get some help.

      just thought I'd give you guys a little heads-up in case you want to
      take the kids on a little holiday hunt.
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