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RE: [NUTS] moving

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  • Ed & Julie
    Thank you for taking the time to remove them from their location, and not leaving them as geo-litter . We don t get up around Clearlake very often, but really
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 20, 2008

      Thank you for taking the time to remove them from their location, and not leaving them as “geo-litter”. We don’t get up around Clearlake very often, but really enjoy caching there when we do!


      Have fun and good luck with the move!!


      Ed & Julie








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      Maybe tomorrow night at you Meet and Eat Event you can talk some locals into it.  Its harder to say no face to face!


      See you guys tomorrow.



      On 11/20/08, Bonnie Schebler <bonnieschebler@...> wrote:

      We have already asked many local cachers to adopt but no one wants to yet. We are archiving the one far out and still waiting and hoping that someone will take closer ones.

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      I hope that you find many adventures in your new home.  As for your current caches, rather than archive, why don't you see if anyone in the area would like to adopt any of them first.



      If you do not wish to receive any future emails from Jef simply reply to this message to let me know.



      From: Bonnie Schebler <bonnieschebler@ yahoo.com>
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      Subject: [NUTS] moving

      Hi fellow cachers and N.U.T.S.,


      We are moving out of state to the east side, at the end of June 2009 or at the beginning of July 2009. We are just waiting for Dennis Jr. to grad from high school for he is not moving with us. 


      We will meet new cachers in the east, find their hidden caches, go to events, have more events of our own and hide some of our caches there too.


      We just wanted to tell everybody thanks. We have enjoyed all the caches that we have found, all the events that we have attended and a special thanks to all that have attended our events and that have found our hidden caches.


      We are starting to archive our caches now, for there is so many of them to retrive.


      We will have our last event May 2, 2009 hope to see you there.


      SmokeysRedheadHelpe r

      aka-Dennis and Bonnie

      Lake County (Lucerne)




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