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Re: [NUTS] Geocaching at work.......... A different kind of FTF

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  • Jennifer Logan
    Congratulations on the promotion! It s always so nice to have your office do something so personal for you. Chico to Yuba City? I ll have to place some caches
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2008
      Congratulations on the promotion! It's always so nice to have your office do something so personal for you.
      Chico to Yuba City? I'll have to place some caches along the way for you ;-)
      My parents live in Lincoln and we already have plans to go drop the kids off at the grandparents and do a little caching up that way!
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      From: Thrak
      Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:55 AM
      Subject: [NUTS] Geocaching at work.......... A different kind of FTF

      I had a new experience today -- geocaching at work. I arrived at work
      and found a sign taped up by my desk. It had an X marked on it labeled
      "Michael's Desk" and a dotted track that curved around back and forth
      that ended at an X labeled "Geo Cash" (sic).

      I said to myself, "Ah, Lynn needs help this morning." Lynn is a person
      in the office who often needs technical assistance. I started for her
      part of the office and found another sign with a large X and an arrow
      pointing through the breezeway between parts of the office. I found
      another one on the door across the breezeway and on the wall past
      there, etc. All had an X and an arrow pointing the way.

      When I got to her office I found a sign saying, "Good Morning
      Michael!", another one with the X and an arrow pointing down, and a
      small Rubbermaid cooler. The cooler was filled with small cans of V8
      and a can of cinnamon Altoids along with a can of chocolate covered
      peppermint Altoids. (I'm known to be partial to all of these items.)
      There was also a log sheet to sign with name, date, and time fields. I
      signed the log as Thrak and also wrote a big FTF on it.

      I've accepted a promotion within my department and will soon be having
      to commute from Chico to Yuba City (GAH!!!) on a daily basis and Lynn
      wanted to give me a going away gift that would be useful for the
      commute. I thought it was pretty cool that she did it as a geocache.
      (Most folks in the office think I'm somewhat odd for caching but Lynn
      always thought it sounded pretty cool.) It seems there is also an
      office potluck later in the day. I've been in this office for over 8
      years and it's pretty strange to be going somewhere else. However, now
      I may be able to find some of those Yuba City caches I haven't found!

      Anyway, I thought it was something a bit different and decided to
      share it with the N.U.T.S.

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