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RE: [NUTS] So close.....

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  • Gary Collum
    Hi Mac, the info I said I d send to you is Sportkilt.com (Signalhill CA.). You can even get a camo kilt . Check it out, the prices are alot cheaper than the
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 18, 2008
      Hi Mac, the info I said I'd send to you is "Sportkilt.com" (Signalhill CA.). You can even get a "camo kilt". Check it out, the prices are alot cheaper than the "Utilitykilt" in WA.. Hope this helps my friend.  Gary TBT

      Mac <macinyugo-macinyugo@...> wrote:
      Sure, please send the link.  ~Mac

      Gary Collum <grcollum@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Yah, I think so. I have an address of a place in San Diego CA. That sells them cheaper and has quite a varity. If you're interested, I'll send the E-mail to you...Gary

      Mac <macinyugo-macinyugo @...> wrote:
      So Gary, Are you going to get one?
        Wooooooo Hooooooo da Doooooooooo Got my 1000th today, 1 day late to get a nut!   ~Mac

      BootyBuddies <bootybuddies42@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      There will be a SportKilt at GWVI you could bid on...

      nelson143 <nelson143@sbcglobal .net> wrote:
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      Hi Gang,
       My LCQ & I had a great day yesterday.  I ended up with 985 after I did the logging.  Thanks for the good time & we look forward to the next gathering of NUTS.
       I hope to have a kilt by next year, and if things go right, a set of bag ppipes too!

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