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Re: [NUTS] New Large TB Announcement. (Participation requested)

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  • Bill Hoke
    I have 1 but I m not giving it up. I ll be bringing my own though. thrak wrote: I won t be there due to a prior commitment
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 7, 2008
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      I have 1 but I'm not giving it up. I'll be bringing my own though.

      thrak <thrak@...> wrote:
      I won't be there due to a prior commitment but......... .. I can't imagine it would be hard for someone to come up with 3 Thrak buttons. :-[

      snspencer wrote:
      Hey all. Just wanted to get the word out and give everyone the
      opportunity to participate in my latest "Absurdly Large" Travel Bug
      creations. (Your participation would be appreciated) Yea.. I know…
      Another large TB by SNSpencer….

      I have created three "Signature Item Collections" that I will be
      sending out into the world. One for each color for the flag, Red,
      White & Blue. Each of these Travel Bugs is a painted ammo can, my
      creative use of the cans sold by LilDevil for the GWVI fund raiser.

      For the TB page search (TB21J92). (I will upload a picture to the
      page later)

      Their purpose is to travel from between large caches and events
      collecting various individual and group "signature" items.

      What I am asking of you: If you are planning on attending the RCGDS
      event this weekend: Cowboy Up - Breakfast with the RCGDS (GC18VHA)

      Bring with you three (3) sets of your signature item to put in
      traveling ammo cans. If anyone has anything from the group that
      would be appreciated too.

      I am hoping to pre stock the collections with some of the buttons,
      zombies, business cards, tokens and other stuff that I have seen in
      caches while out hunting.

      Thanks in advance to all who want to contribute or just "discover"
      these gems at the event.

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