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Re: [NUTS] Some stuff re: GeoWoodstock VI

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  • Char Mansfield
    Aloha Deb and all NUTS, I am a travel agent, so I would like to advertise as soon as possible so I can help folks with rental cars, motels, and airfare. Keep
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 29, 2007
      Aloha Deb and all NUTS,
      I am a travel agent, so I would like to advertise as soon as possible so I can help folks with rental cars, motels, and airfare.  Keep me in mind when you are ready for Geo-Woodstock advertisers.  Thanks.
      Char AKA Plunk's Froggy

      BootyBuddies <bootybuddies42@...> wrote:
      Hi Char,

      You talk to me (or Bill) about ad space.  We're not quite ready with prices etc, but we'd sure be happy to talk with you.

      bootybuddies42@ yahoo.com

      Char Mansfield <plunksfroggy@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I think having a NUTS t-shirt is a great idea and yes, I will buy one.  Could they say, "We're NUTS" somewhere on them?  If so, I'll some for my grandkids, too.  Another idea is what I had printed on the back of t-shirts for Bert and me, "If geocaching is a sport, does that make us athletes?"  I don't have any proprietary claim on that quotation.  Feel free to use it if you like or not.  I just want to help.  Also, I would be interested in buying some advertising space for my travel agency to help folks find hotel rooms, rental cars, and airfare to Geowoodstock.  Let me know what I need to do.  Thanks.
      Char AKA Plunk's Froggy

      redhawk2853@ msn.com wrote:
      Hi all you NUTS! A couple of heads up items for ya'll.
      First, the GeoWoodstock Logo contest is coming your way shortly. There will be three logos to select from and we hope you will VOTE for your favorite. (Wish we'd had more NUTS participation, but we have some pretty cool choices).
      Second, and along with the first part. Out of over 200 member families we get maybe 16 or 20 voters which seems to indicate one of several things: a) many folks don't receive the emails, b) folks don't think their vote counts or c) they don't much care one way or the other. Shortly there will be a number of voting choices that are important to us all and will help define some of what Northern CA puts into GeoWoodstock VI. If you are in touch with folks that don't receive the emails and are NUTS, please ask them to tune in... PLEASE!
      Third, Crystal and I have been trying to think of things we could do to help bring money to the coffers of GeoWoodstock VI. It will take a lot of money to feed the hungry masses and there are many ideas floating around about how that money could be acquired... by sponsors, coin and t-shirt sales etc. We were personally looking for things that aren't costly out of pocket and are not GeoWoodstock specific. We have designed a t-shirt that we think you might like. It is a NUTS t-shirt with a pair of NUTS on the back (a large one and a small one, of course!) and around them is " Northstate Unusual" arched at the top and "Treasure Seekers" arched around the bottom and underneath the nuts is "California"  On the front are the same nuts in small version with N.U.T.S. arched above them over the left chest. We would like to put these out on CafePress for all who might be interested in purchasing them, and there would be a full line of other goodies, too. Obviously this is not our official logo, but a close second, and certainly we are using our NUTS name! We would like to contribute all profits from this effort on behalf of the N.U.T.S. group, up until and including the 24th of May, 2008. After that any profit from sales will revert to the N.U.T.S. coffers. We would like to know if anyone has any issue with our effort. If not, we will go ahead with it ASAP, and send out the CafePress page. Your support does not mean you must buy a NUTS product, but of course it would sure help. :o) Thanks, Rock&Crystal

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