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October Pumpkin Bash RCGDS / NUTS Event

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  • Escapades
    Hear ye, hear ye.... Gary & Vicky (RCGDS) and Mike & Gail - Escapades (NUTS) will be co-hosting an event, The October Pumpkin Bash, for both the NUTS and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2007
      Hear ye, hear ye....
      Gary & Vicky (RCGDS) and Mike & Gail - Escapades (NUTS) will be co-hosting an event, "The October Pumpkin Bash," for both the NUTS and RCGDS groups. 
      The October Pumpkin Bash geocaching event has now been published!  GC15X7K . This is the first RCGDS / NUTS combined event so you won't want to miss the fun.  The event will be held at Bishops Farm in Wheatland, next years location for GeoWoodstock VI.  Please check out the event page GC15X7K.  This should be a fun day.
      The GeoWoodstock Steering Committee will be present to answer questions and seek volunteers for the up-coming GeoWoodstock VI to be held May 24, 2008.
      We hope to see everyone there.
      Gary & Vicky and Escapades
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