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Re: [NUTS] GeoWoodstock VI Call for Volunteers

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  • D. Mueller
    I can do all I can from Ukiah. I SHOULD be available after and possibly before the event for set up and clean up. I am a mechanic that can help with any sorts
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2007
       I can do all I can from Ukiah. I SHOULD be available after and possibly before the event for set up and clean up. I am a mechanic that can help with any sorts of mechanical problems that may take place...I can bring my tools if needed and a Jumper pack for any dead batteries.
       I will give it some thought and go over the Volunteer list again and see where I can help best...Most of all, I just want to be free for the event for the most part, which doesnt mean that I wont help during the event.
       Ill stay posted...Sure wish I could have come to the breakfast event!!!!----Thanks Dave-007BigD

      Lil Devil <lildevil@...> wrote:
      Calling all NUTS and RCGDS folks... and that includes all you folks who
      have recently become members from around the country.

      Hello everyone! We have had our first steering committee meeting and have
      put together a list of 10 committees we see as absolutely required to make
      GWVI the best it can be. The list is at the bottom of this message and
      include the volunteer leaders so far. We are looking for a few good men and
      women (and kids) to help head up these committees and see things through
      and some more good folks who can step forward to help with getting things
      done. Since we don't know your skills, we need to have you tell us where
      you believe you could be most useful... and second most useful... maybe
      even third most useful too! :o) Some of these committees may have a lot to
      do early on, and not so much toward the big day. Others may require time
      throughout the next nine months. Don't spread yourselves too thin, and
      please don't volunteer for more than you can handle. On the other hand we
      sure can use all the help we can get! We are hoping to have a pair of
      leaders on each committee for continuity and sanity too... OK, maybe not
      sanity! :o)

      There are some leadership spots we'd sure like to see filled. Please email
      Brian & Beth (Lil Devil & Angel) AND Don & Jacqi (Rock&Crystal) (email
      addresses at top) with your choices. We need to know soon who can help with

      We also have some great folks from other GeoWoodstocks that will be joining
      us as volunteers from all over the country. Some have worked at three or
      more of the events and keep coming back for more. Word has it that
      providing a GeoWoodstock to our fellow cachers is one of the most
      challenging and rewarding ventures we can do in this sport. So don't miss
      out on this very special event, the biggest EVER in geocaching history.
      Come be a part of this grand bit of geohistory!

      Lil Devil, Angel, Rock&Crystal
      aka Brian, Beth, Don & Jacqi

      ------------ --------- --------- --------

      a)Friday dinner
      b)Saturday lunch/snacks
      c)Saturday dinner

      Team members:
      Beth (Angel) (co-leader)

      a)Master of Ceremonies
      c)Answer emails
      d)Hotel rooms

      Team members:
      Jacqi (Rock&Crystal)

      3.Fund Raising
      c)Media Relations (TV, newspaper)

      Team members:
      Beth (Angel)

      4.Site Facilities
      d)Registration Tent
      e)Medical Tent
      f)Information Booth
      g)Vendor area
      h)Trackables Area
      i)Merchandise Area
      j)P.A. system

      Team members:
      Brian (Lil Devil) (co-leader)
      Bill (billandlore)

      c)Volunteer Apparel
      d)Pen or pencil

      Team members:
      Don (Rock&Crystal) (co-leader)
      Gary (Gary&Vicky) (co-leader)

      6.Games & Activities
      a)Cache runs
      b)Kids games
      c)Adult games

      Team members:
      Escapades (co-leader)

      7.Electronic Media

      Team members:
      Brian (Lil Devil)


      Team members:
      Lore (billandlore)
      Heiner (Hynr)

      10. Volunteer Coordinator

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