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RE: [NUTS] Redwood Creek Wines

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  • geospyder
    Jerry is correct. Redwood Creek and the Redwood Creek logo are registered trademarks of E. & J. Gallo Winery. Jim (geospyder) _____ From:
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 25, 2007

      Jerry is correct.  Redwood Creek and the Redwood Creek logo are registered trademarks of E. & J. Gallo Winery.


      Jim (geospyder)

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      If the label says Modesto-99% chance that it comes from Gallo Winery. Probably no such winery as Redwood Creek.


      ------------ -- Original message ------------ --
      From: thrak <thrak@pacbell. net>

      Rounded to N 36 11.936 W 112 15.039

      The "-" sign that was messing you up simply means West rather than East

      thrak wrote:

      The coordinates translate to:

      N 36 11.9363 W 112 15.0386

      Blonde & Dangerous wrote:

      Just wondering if anyone knows what Redwood Creeks Winery is up too?

      Mom called me yesterday from Tahoe where she is escaping from the heat and
      said that when they purchased a bottle of Chardonney she noticed printed on
      the cork was this:

      Adventure Trail #27
      Point Sublime (with arrow pointing right)
      GPS Hike
      1. 36° 11'94* Lat.
      2. -112° 15'04* Long.
      3. Admire Grand Canyon

      I went to Redwoodcreek. com and am still clueless. Although they really
      really advocate going out and enjoying nature. For that I give them 5
      stars. Mom says the Chardonney is really quite good also.

      So, my question is:
      1. What are they up to? Perhaps a Virtual Cache?
      2. What do the Co-0rds point too and how do I translate them to WGS 84, so
      that I can enter them into my Legend CX? the -112 and the *'s are throwing
      me off.

      Do you think they might like to help with GeoWoodstock VI? Okay, maybe
      not, but they are out of Modesto . (I know, that's a silly idea, but perhaps
      a possibility nonetheless. )

      Mom also said that other bottles had different information on them.

      The Blonde of
      Blonde & Dangerous

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