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Two New Cachers???

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  • Thrak
    A couple of guys who made accounts under the names of dacompound and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2007
      A couple of guys who made accounts under the names of dacompound  and CaptainGregory  seem to be "accidental" new cachers. It seems that they stumbled on my Scrooge's Strongbox cache which is a .50 cal ammo can fitted with a 4-digit padlock. Apparently they were intrigued by their find and went to the geocaching.com website to check it out. They both made accounts and they both now have 6 finds - Scrooge 1 - 6. They made accounts and then went and did the first 5 in order to get the combo for the final cache and logged them all.  I've sent them email inviting them to come to the upcoming pizza event cache. I'm hoping that they will come and that all the N.U.T.S. who are there will make a special effort to welcome them.

      Another new cacher (22 finds) also did the series and I have also sent him the same email. He didn't find the final by accident and work his way backwards from there but he IS a new cacher who found the entire series. He caches under the name of xenith87 

      Should these folks show up (and I hope they do) please extend them the warm N.U.T.S. welcome I know you are all capable of showing. (And please don't tell them what a total dork I am! They will find that out soon enough!)
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