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Re: [NUTS] Country Cache

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  • Jenn Oates
    Oh heck no...risk damaging my GPS to wallop some miscreant? I d use the pepper spray too. Blonde & Dangerous wrote: BlueMotmot
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 13, 2007
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      Oh heck no...risk damaging my GPS to wallop some miscreant? 
      I'd use the pepper spray too. 

      Blonde & Dangerous <cachebox@...> wrote:
      BlueMotmot reported that someone had left a can of pepperspray in the
      Country Cache. I retrieved it today. No record of who left it in there, so
      I'm wondering. Did someone leave it in there inadvertantly? If someone is
      missing their can, contact me and I'll get it back to you. I know I carry
      pepperspray because an incident while caching sometime ago at 1 mile in
      Chico. Thank goodness I've never had to use mine. And I hope I never do.
      But a handheld radio doesn't help if no ones on the other end, and I refuse
      to hit someone over the head with the GPS.

      Blonde & Dangerous

      cachebox@earthlink. net

      FN:business card

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