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RE: [NUTS] Re: FREE BEER! (No Kidding!)

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  • Warren Harding
    FREE BEER! (No Kidding!) but you ve got to be the first there. Read the following log: (Make sure you let us know if you are the ones to get it.) (Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2007

      FREE BEER! (No Kidding!) but you've got to be the first there.  Read the following log:  (Make sure you let us know if you are the ones to get it.) (Please ignore this if you are under age.)

      47Dad47 (See below)

      Rock'n Biz Park #2 (Traditional Cache)     
      I found another cache on the way to this one. As I walked the dirt path from the parking circle, I encountered a boxed 24 pack of Bud Light Cans. Only one or two cans had been removed from the pack and are on the ground.
      The remaining cans are still in the box and full of suds unopened. We left it there, so it's first come first serve.

      I figure someone had a party and got so drunk they forget the beer. (Is that possible?). Or they were doing something they were not supposed to do and had to run away from getting caught. (Now that makes more sense.)

      Let us know who gets the beer?
      Thanks for the cache.
      47Dad47 with Kolly Wobbels and Tahoe(Woof!)

      Exercise your brain! Try Flexicon.
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