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RE: [NUTS] Re: Camping get together......

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  • geospyder
    Calendar has been duly marked! Jim (geospyder) _____ From: nuts_@yahoogroups.com [mailto:nuts_@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Casagrande Sent: Thursday,
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 22, 2007

      Calendar has been duly marked!


      Jim (geospyder)

      From: nuts_@yahoogroups.com [mailto: nuts_@yahoogroups.com ] On Behalf Of Casagrande
      Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 8:26 AM
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [NUTS] Re: Camping get together......


      And in the mean time, news about the event is posted here



      McNabb5@aol. com wrote:

      Here's the link to last year at Bear Valley :


      It was so much fun we reserved it again for this year, but the date will be Aug. 10-12 with the potluck/bbq/ event on Sat the 11th. The new webpage will go up in May. You're going to love it! - Cinde/Mc5


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      From: thrak@pacbell. net
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 11:58 PM
      Subject: Re: [NUTS] Re: Camping get together.... ..

      Ok. So WHERE/WHEN?Etc. is Bear Valley ?  Is this an annual meet and, if so, is it some exclusive deal or what? I know I'm not the sharpest spoon in the closet but I've never heard of this event other than seeing the pictures on the N.U.T.S. site. Is this a southern CA thing or an out of state thing or.........?

      JeoMc5@... wrote:

      I love to go camping, building fires, cooking raw meat, looking at the stars and scaring small animals ( and other campers ;) when I wake up in the morning.


      So far the calendar includes May 26th plus a few days for GW5, June 15th and 16th GBES Ralley and August 10th and 11th For Bear Valley 07. If there are more camping trips we would love to attend schedules permitting.


      A few things that made it really easy for the last Bear Valley event were convenient bathrooms, running water and a dumpster. A few of the things my extended family has done in the past is reserve the "group" campsites even if we didn't fill them up. There are a few around lake Oroville but timing would be crucial because of the heat. Another thought would be a PG&E campground just outside of Chester on a creek north of Lake Almanor . Lots scenic views, town close by and lots of activities in the area.




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      From: alilcasa@yahoo. com
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 7:20 PM
      Subject: Re: [NUTS] Re: Camping get together.... ..

      Bear Valley was fun and 2007 info is on the RCGDS site.
      Calendars get crowded but we always enjoy camping too.


      Anne and Gary (CASAS)

      Chaz & Steph <utchaz@yahoo. com> wrote:

      No kidding, we'd be interested as well.
      We were at the Bear Valley event also, it turned out to be a lot of
      fun. Even though the niece had to go back down to Grass Vally for
      some stitches... LOL
      Camping is always a good thing!

      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups. com, <redhawk2853@ ...> wrote:
      > We were at Bear Valley as was BluCruz, BootyBuddies, and there were
      visits by Woodchuck and Tanky and there better halves, and a lot of
      folks from RCGDS (hope I'm not leaving out any NUTS). It was great!
      Nice area etc. A bunch of fun caches and nice hikes. There are plenty
      of camping spots around that could handle us. There is a nice, under
      utilized campground here in our own back yard at Lime Saddle (not the
      marina). If the time was right we'd sure be interested. We're in!! R&C
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Thrak
      > Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 5:19 PM
      > To: nuts_@yahoogroups. com
      > Subject: [NUTS] Camping get together.... ..
      > In the photo folder for our group there is a folder called
      > Bear Valley Campout 2006
      > This folder has a couple of pics called "bonding around the
      campfire" and it looks like it was a GREAT place to be. Does anybody
      else think that a local camping get together might be a good idea for
      this summer? It seems that most of the things of this sort that I see
      always happen somewhere else - somewhere far away. Geo Woodstock is
      in North Carolina this year MOST of us can't go. What do you folks
      think of a camping event that would be local to the
      Chico/Paradise/ Oroville/ Grass Valley/ etc. area? Do people camp or
      do they hate camping?
      > There are all kinds of questions involved - location, month, date,
      all of that stuff. I'm just asking "in general" if folks would like
      something of this sort. I know we have a few members who are up on
      all the best places to go and places that could handle a large bunch
      of folks all arriving at the same time. We would obviously want a
      family friendly campground so it would have to have restrooms and
      such but there are a lot of those around. Again, I think we have a
      number of folks who would be able to suggest campgrounds with
      appropriate size and appropriate facilities.
      > Does anybody else think this is something that might be a good idea
      to explore? I've met a number of really nice folks at get togethers
      but they have always been short, dinner type of things. This could be
      a weekend affair where folks could stay the day, overnight, or two
      nights. I know most of us work so a weekend would be the limit of
      our get together but I thought it might be something folks would be
      interested in doing.
      > -Thrak-


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