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Re: [NUTS] NUTS geocoins

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  • bert or pat hall
    Save a couple for the Tankys, please. YF ... From: redhawk2853 To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 3:18 PM Subject: [NUTS] NUTS
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      Save a couple for the Tankys, please.
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 3:18 PM
      Subject: [NUTS] NUTS geocoins

      Hello all you NUTS :o) We are proud to announce the arrival of our
      NUTS geocoins, (and a big THANKS to BluCruz & Family for their help
      in achieving our goal). We will be having an event in Chico on March
      3rd from 2-6 pm (watch for event notice... hopefully before the
      Thursday GroundSpeak "nearby new caches list" goes out). The coins
      will be $8.50 at the event. If we need to ship the coins it will cost
      an additional $1.50 for the first coin and $.50 for each additional
      coin. No coins will be shipped before the event. There will be a
      limit of coins per person, to be determined. We will have pictures
      shortly at the event page (GC10TW6)... it isn't approved yet but
      should be shortly. Priority will go to those who attend and if you
      can't make it you can make arrangements to prepay and we will ship
      them to you. We think the coins are beautiful and there are 230 in
      shiny gold, 10 in silver, and 10 in antique copper. The latter will
      be auctioned and given as "thank yous" for those who put the big
      effort into this project. The nuts are in the shape of a walnut (of
      course), on end with the loop suitable for hanging around the neck
      like fine jewelry. :o) The front says "WE'RE N.U.T.S. (NUTS in large
      letters) ABOUT GEOCACHING" and the G.C. com tracking number. On the
      back at the top "CALIFORNIA" , our NUTS logo in the middle, and 2007
      or the left and the generic G+ logo on the right. Lettering is Black
      and the geocaching colors (orange, blue, green, yellow) are in the
      NUTS logo and the generic logo. Better yet, why not come on down and
      check them out for yourselves. After the event the coins will be made
      available to the general caching public and maybe the EBay public,
      too. So if you want one (or more) don't miss the opportunity. ..
      you'll say "AWWW NUTS!!" when you spot on of them on EBay for $45!
      Cache Happy, Rock&Crystal

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