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RE: [NUTS] Cranky Tanky

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  • Bryan Wright
    Cranky Tanky? What a sweet, kind gentleman he s always been! Are we sure we re talking about the same guy? :-) Congrats on the big accomplishment Tanky!!!
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2006

      Cranky Tanky?  What a sweet, kind gentleman he’s always been!  Are we sure we’re talking about the same guy?  J


      Congrats on the big accomplishment Tanky!!!  Now that some time has passed I have fond memories of trying (without much success) to keep up with you on the way to Fishing At Red Cap…


      The SKWERL


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      Well Tanky should not be cranky any more. He hit number 4,000 today at Scotty' Castle GCF796  in Death Valley . Way to go!!! A big accomplishment.



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