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RE: [NUTS] #3000

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  • Trevor Anderson
    Definately in the Hall of Fame... not many are in the #3000 / #300 club... soon to be 4000 / 400 club! I can not say enough about RP. Heck, he has provided me
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 14, 2006
      Definately in the Hall of Fame... not many are in the #3000 / #300 club... soon to be 4000 / 400 club!
      I can not say enough about RP.  Heck, he has provided me with half of my caching finds!
      Congrats Sir!  Now, you have to keep up with that yard of yours.  And didnt you use to do something with flowers too???  Awww forget it... keep caching and keep hiding!  You are a treasure to us all.
      Trevor from TRAKD

      MATT AND STEPHANIE MOORE <pakrbakr@...> wrote:
      A big Ditto to Mr. B here.  Cacher of the year indeed!!  And certainly agree that Mr. and Mrs. Prof. are a wonderful couple, we have enjoyed many conversations with them.  We just got to our emails to see that #3000 was on “The Great Pumpkin”, we are very proud!  We have only scratched the surface of finding all of your hides, but will keep at them!  CONGRATULATIONS again you are truly a SUPER CACHER!
      Matt and Stephanie (Redvoodoo)

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      Subject: [NUTS] #3000
      Congt's to the prof for his dedication [addiction] to caching and all
      his accomplishments. He is a candidate for cacher of the year award.
      He and his wife are the nicest people you can ever meet. keep on caching.

      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

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