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Re: Warning!!! Parental Bragging Inside....

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  • Roamingbull
    Thats pretty awsome!!! Congrats for you and your son. ... for ... he ... a 70% ... full ... children. He ... milkman or ... Sorry, I
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      Thats pretty awsome!!! Congrats for you and your son.

      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups.com, "Thrak" <thrak@...> wrote:
      > I realize that the N.U.T.S. don't know my son Paul (he has NO time
      > activities like geocaching) but....... He just received word that
      > passed the California Bar Exam on his FIRST TRY!!! There is over
      a 70%
      > failure rate on this exam so it's a pretty big deal. I can't help
      > myself. I have to tell the whole world how proud of him I am. Oh,
      > yeah...... He paid his own way through law school while working
      > time and maintaining his obligations to his wife and two
      children. He
      > puts his old man to shame. (Hmmmm.... better check out that
      milkman or
      > the mailman or something....)
      > I now return you to your regularly scheduled caching topics.
      Sorry, I
      > just couldn't contain myself.
      > P.S. WAHOO!!!!!!!!
      > -Thrak-
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