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Re: [NUTS] new nuts coin

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  • debra jaynes
    hi rock, i think you will really like the texas hiking medallion already have mine. the geocaching.com one is okay. georgia geocaching assoc. has a real nice
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2006
      hi rock,
      i think you will really like the texas hiking medallion already have mine. the geocaching.com one is okay. georgia geocaching assoc. has a real nice one too. the georgia one and geocaching.com medallion are both made by hikeamerica in redwood city.  boy i hope i already voted.. i thought i did. i had an idea about a back design but have not drawn it out. has anyone started on the design/ideas for the memorial coin for Bert?
      well if we don't have an ebay account or want one that pretty much eliminates the worry on that one. was just trying to think of ideas to generate money for the group. too bad they retracted the bid..lol would have been a nice little vacation fund.

      On 2/4/06, redhawk2853@... <redhawk2853@...> wrote:
      Yes Debra, just about anything is possible with coins and EBay. Case in point, apparently one of our Camo Hearts is on EBay right now and one of our silver edition Rock&Crystal coins is also. (languishing at $10 with about 5 hours to go). Some one just made a $2703 dollar bid on our Camo Heart! Think they retracted it because they really meant to bid $27.03! LOL You can buy the same coin from us on www.CoinTracking.com for $8.50 plus $1.50 shipping right now! (or at a NUTS event for $7.00) :o)  One problem with putting coins on EBay besides the prices being obscene, is who does it? We don't have an EBay account, (and don't particularly want one)! :o)
      Extra metals are not expensive for making Limited Editions, changes in the coin will be. All these things will have to be put to a vote (ad nauseum) until we know what the majority want in their coins. For a quick update on the coin information, I have designed a front and two backs of a possible NUTS coin to get some input from the group, but have not heard back from CoinsAndPins on quotes or input on the coin or the walking stick medallion. I believe they took some time off due to the Chinese New Year, when the coin making plants shut down in China for a couple of weeks.
      BTW, we see that only about 15 or so people respond to the majority of the polls... that means a few people are making decisions for an entire group of 140 or so members... guess that's OK if nobody cares... but the input is important to those of us trying to make things right for the majority. Exercise your right... VOTE!! We can only assume if you don't vote that you'll be really happy with whatever the outcome brings and won't have any complaints with the results (what a relief!!)! :o)
      BTW2, we have ordered some walking stick medallions form TexasGeocaching.com (home of the GeoWoodstock IV) and they should arrive shortly. They are inexpensive and are made of aluminum and are able to be bent or flattened depending on application. Seems quite feasible to be able to make such a coin/medallion from our NUTS/RCGDS die. We'll see!
      Later, Rock
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      From: debra
      Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2006 11:19 AM
      Subject: [NUTS] new nuts coin
      i have started collecting coins and watching the collecting going on
      in the forums and on ebay. i was wondering if when we did our next
      coin if we did a limited addition in another metal (other than the
      metals the group wants and we sell generally) to be sold as a
      fundraising coin for our group. we could sell the fundraising edition
      over ebay to generate money for the group. this metal could only be
      purchased on the auction site and only sold a few at a time over the
      year. would this cause a lot of extra costs to not make it worhtwhile?
      i have seen coins going for 20 and thirty dollars on ebay that the
      owner is still selling for 7 and 8.
      just an idea
      p.s. you are right rock been looking at too many coins lately..i still
      don't have one of yours though.

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