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Re: [NUTS] HA!

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    One thing about Yar? Yar! he doesn t just do the easy ones. He finds lots of caches and has found most of the harder ones around here. Keep it up we enjoy
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2004
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      One thing about Yar? Yar! he doesn't just do the easy ones.  He finds lots of caches and has found most of the harder ones around here.  Keep it up we enjoy reading your logs!
      It would have been fun to be with you at the "High Adventure" cache except for the part when you strpped down to your skivvies...
      Keep it up.
      nelson143@... wrote:
      When Yar?Yar! found my "Deer Creek Falls" cache, I checked the "High
      Adventure" cache on a hunch that he went for it too...I was right!

      When I placed my cache near the falls, I didn't even know the other was just
      .02 of a mile away (but MUCH harder to get to). I found out about it about a
      year ago, and have always wanted to make the trip to find it, but haven't.

      It's one of the oldest caches in the North State, and hasn't been found (or
      even looked for) in over 2 years.

      Great job Yar?Yar! on the find!! That's one to be proud of!!

      The Badge & the Butterfly

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      > HA!  HA! I say!
      > <snicker>
      > Thanks to Ed for mentioning this one!  Definitly does earn the 4.5*
      > terrain.
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