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Re: [NUTS] My Tribute to Bert

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  • dawn mateo
    Mike, that was absolutle beautiful! I m really sorry I wasn t able to make it. Escapades wrote: My
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 29, 2006
      Mike, that was absolutle beautiful!  I'm really sorry I wasn't able to make it.

      Escapades <escapades4cache@...> wrote:
                         My Tribute to Bert
      “Each man's life touches so many other lives” This is what Clarence the angel in training told George Bailey in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”
      Today we attended the celebration of Bert Mansfield’s life in Paradise.  It was cold rainy and I was feeling down because I felt sad because Bert left us way too soon.   As I sat at his service I realized Bert Mansfield had a wonderful life.
      There were probably over 200 people to honor Bert.  Many people wore Hawaiian shirts, flowery dresses and even some lei’s.   They music was lively and uplifting.  Char told us some stories of Bert and you could feel the love and respect she felt for him.   Bert’s son told us some stories that showed how much he loved, respected and looked up to his dad.  Bert’s boss from the postal service told how Bert had worked 41 years for the postal service and how much Bert’s employees loved working with Bert.  Bert had friends tell us how he was also a fireman who could handle stressful situations calmly and keep everyone organized.
      At the conclusion of the services for Bert everyone wrote messages, prayers or feelings for Bert and attached them to helium balloons.  We all went outside and after a short prayer we all released the balloons into sky above.  It was quite a site to see all the balloons racing upward.
      I will miss Bert but I am glad I got to be his friend for at least a short time. 
      When we left the church today it was still cold and rainy but I felt a little less sad because I found out Bert Mansfield’s life touched and improved many other lives.  Bert left us way too soon, but Bert Mansfield had a wonderful life.
                                                                                   Rest in Peace,
                                                                                   Mike Shields

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