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  • geo_thrak
    I d have to agree that it isn t a surprise. I ve been reading about the change - and a lot of resistance to that change - for quite some time in the forums. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 4, 2005
      I'd have to agree that it isn't a surprise. I've been reading about the change - and a lot of resistance to that change - for quite some time in the forums.  I think a lot of folks here don't actually read or participate in the forums though so it is likely a pretty big surprise to many. The forums can be a great source of information. (They are also filled with nonsense in some areas.)

      A lot of folks just want to go caching and don't have any desire to spend a lot of time reading forums and such. Myself, I'm addicted to it and I was all over the forums starting the day I first heard about Geocaching from Bobolu. I read everything I could about caching and asked a bunch of questions in the forums. The more I read and talked about it the more I got sucked into it and ended up buying a GPSr and heading out to look for a cache.  I even bought the Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching (which I'm including in an upcoming cache so someone can take it and give it to a n00b friend to get them sucked in ).  I think I spent about 20 minutes or so with the manual when the unit arrived and then went out and snagged my first find without having much of a clue as to what my unit could actually do. I ended up finding it easily and was hooked.


      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups.com, "nelson143" <nelson143@s...> wrote:
      > Geocaching as we know it was started with a bucket full of stuff with the coordinates posted to a usegroup. You look for it, find it, and log it.
      > Finding a container was always the intention. As geocaching grew, it evolved to include virtual caches (a container-less type), locationless (a container-less type), earth caches (a container-less type), and web cam caches (a container-less type). Locationless caches haven't been approved since 2003 (I believe) and virtual caches have been nearly impossible to get approved. I read that locationless cache owners were recently offered a 6-month Premium Membership if they archived their locationless caches.
      > I think the owners of Geocaching.com are trying to bring back geocaching to a "find something" sport by spinning out the non-container types to waymarking.com.
      > This is not a shocking new change. It has been in the works and publicly announced for months and months (see the forums for all the details). It did catch me by surprise only in that I thought all the changes were happening January 1st.
      > I have looked at the waymarking.com site before, and it aint my cup of tea, but others seem to like it. Locationless caches virtual caches are available on other listing services (I hear).
      > I like the change to keeping caching a "find something" sport...now if I could actually FIND some of the caches I look for ;P
      > Ed (& Julie
      > TB&TB
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