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Re: Who? Me? Jump into the Frey?

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  • Ed & Julie
    ... wording. Hey Yar!! The puzzle cache that I had hidden, then archived after four months had been stolen (I m assuming that s the one you was
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 8, 2005
      > Ed: Thanks for the wonderful hides. Your parking garage ones have
      > been some of my absolute favorites. However, before criticizing
      > others, remember your own faults as well. We all have one or two.
      > There is also a rule on the geo books about caches being long-term
      > oriented, as in no 3-4 month caches. However your own caches are
      > often archived within 4 months, and the average is around 5 months,
      > though one was up for two years before archiving. There have been
      > several I have been very disappointed about not getting a chance to
      > search for because either work was busy or I was out of town on the
      > weekends for a couple months. Be patient with others. Others can
      > easily be hurt, without any malice on your part, just due to

      Hey Yar!!

      The puzzle cache that I had hidden, then archived after four months
      had been stolen (I'm assuming that's the one you was referring to
      now and in your post a few months ago). I checked the hide, and the
      area it was hidden had become compromised. I could not reasonably
      replace a container in the same spot. Nobody was more bummed about
      losing that cache than myself because it was an ammo can with lots
      of trade items, and I had put some time into the cache page for the
      puzzle (I love the pics). (Did you notice I checked on it 3 days
      after a problem was noted?).

      Archiving the cache was well within the guidlines, and replacing it
      would have been futile.

      My other caches have been archived for similar reasons. Normally, if
      the cache is muggled, I replace the container. Some caches have been
      replaced several times. If it is taken a second time (or 3rd), I
      archive the listing. One listing was archived due to homeland
      security concerns, another was archived because the hide just didn't
      work (magnetic paper that kept blowing down...I still like that
      idea :)

      All of my caches are planned as long-term hides, and archived when

      From the geocaching.com guidlines:
      Cache Permanence

      When you report a cache on the Geocaching.com web site, geocachers
      should (and will) expect the cache to be there for a realistic and
      extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to
      move ("traveling caches"), or temporary caches (caches hidden for
      less than 3 months or for events) most likely will not be listed. If
      you wish to hide caches for an event, bring printouts to the event
      and hand them out there.

      We realize that it is possible that a planned long-term cache
      occasionally becomes finite because of concerns with the
      environment, missing or plundered caches, or the owner's decision to
      remove the cache for other valid reasons. Please do your best to
      research fully, hide wisely, and maintain properly for a long cache

      Now if I can just find that %$%$@! Butte College Whale Tail
      micro...that thing haunts me!

      Happy caching!!
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