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Re: [NUTS] Who? Me? Jump into the Frey?

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  • The Keely Family
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Well said! I have also been slammed. I think we all have at one time or another. It is just the nature of geocaching---
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005
      Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!! 
      Well said!
      I have also been "slammed."  I think we all have at one time or another.  It is just the nature of geocaching--- exhilarating! or frustrating!  and the only place to speak out is online where we can't see the reaction of the person who just took what was written as an insult- intended or not.
      Thanks to everyone who does hide and maintain their caches for us all to enjoy.  Because, enjoy it, I do!!  And, I enjoy the events where we get to meet and put faces to the online names.  This helps me to deal with the frustration when it comes.  I hope that the recent events have been overcome by all and we can all continue on in this most excellent game.
      Cache On!!!!!
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      From: Teeje
      Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 9:51 AM
      Subject: [NUTS] Who? Me? Jump into the Frey?

      There's a nice new file (read: monthly notice) that will be sent out
      to the group automagically.  It's a primer on "Netiquette" (Net
      Etiquette).  Nice little friendly reminder of the ins and outs of
      conversing online. 

      Time for my own story I guess.  When I first found geocaching, it was
      the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I was hungry, nay,
      bloodthirsty for the next hunt!  Drooling on my keyboard as I checked
      the nearest caches to me on the site every hour or two.  The first
      three months I found 100 caches each, and since I started in November,
      there wasn't much daylight after work so many weekday finds were even
      struggled after in the dark.

      However, what I didn't realize was that I had started stepping on
      people's toes.  One lunchtime find I met some other cachers already at
      the site (first time for this...) and sauntered in, found and signed
      the cache, and left without letting them know.  I didn't think
      anything of it, as I figured they were there for the hide/find, not
      for the numbers, and I didn't want to ruin their hunt.  This did not
      set well with them, however, and they had a few choice words about it.
      Once I found out, I did apologize to them, and all was fine, but I
      had not known that their playing of the geocaching game was so
      different from my motives.

      Some folks in different areas were accustomed being to the grand
      poobah First-to-Find kings.  Some of these started posting hurtful
      messages in their logs, or making not-so-nice comments at events, and
      these things too eventually got back to me.  This took the wind out of
      my sails.  I am not a highly competitive person, and the downright
      anger I felt coming at me turned me off caching for several months.  I
      still have not regained the enthusiasm I once had, and never check
      daily for new caches.

      I saw an interesting poem years ago that still sticks with me:

      Watch the words you use,
      Keep the kind and sweet,
      for you never know from day to day,
      which ones you'll have to eat.

      Now, to be more direct on the matters recently at hand:

      Ed:  Thanks for the wonderful hides.  Your parking garage ones have
      been some of my absolute favorites.  However, before criticizing
      others, remember your own faults as well.  We all have one or two.
      There is also a rule on the geo books about caches being long-term
      oriented, as in no 3-4 month caches.  However your own caches are
      often archived within 4 months, and the average is around 5 months,
      though one was up for two years before archiving.  There have been
      several I have been very disappointed about not getting a chance to
      search for because either work was busy or I was out of town on the
      weekends for a couple months.  Be patient with others.  Others can
      easily be hurt, without any malice on your part, just due to wording.

      Debbie:  Remember, there are no stupid questions, 'cept the unasked
      ones!  You felt the way you did, 'slammed', and you communicated how
      you felt.  This is good.  The whole group has been 'slammed' a few
      times.  Congrats to you for being the first to speak out against it.
      Indeed, you were slammed again when asked if you left your caches as

      All:  Try your best to be good communicators.  Re-read your posts
      before sending them out.  And take special care when you are sending
      personal email to a user.  You are, after all, entering their 'home'
      via their email box.  Be considerate of that fact.

      Please folks, stop the slamming.  This group is for growing closer.
      If you want to lecture/preach rules to others, that's politics.  As
      was pointed out well by others in earlier posts, politics and religion
      are fightin' words when the holders' views are different.

      Peace all.  Grok?

      -- Yar?Yar!

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