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Re: [NUTS] Disabled/archived caches (angst level yellow)

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  • Debra Haseleu
    Let me be the one to appoligize for all the problems arriving out of a simple issue. I didn t mean it to get so far out of hand. I just wanted to know if I
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2005
      Let me be the one to appoligize for all the problems arriving out of a simple issue. I didn't mean it to get so far out of hand. I just wanted to know if I temporarially archive a cache what the big deal was all about. So in order not to cause anymore problems from our cache's I archived them, thought that would be easier than creating any undue problems for our fellow cachers. Now that I am fully aware of protocal. We will be putting out new caches or reactivating some of our old ones. Some of our better ones LOL. Once again I make a public appoligy to Badge and the Butterfly, but maybe you shouldn't be so critical about everyones caches. Just go out and enjoy them and don't go to any that are temporaily archived or ones that give you so much grief, like dust!  For what it's worth.
      PS. Just to let you all know this is Debbie not Keith that has caused all this problem. Take care and keep on caching and enjoying the sport or hobby whatever you want to call it for yourselves.

      nelson143 <nelson143@...> wrote:
      Okay...time for me to speak up. I have purposefully not read any of the messages in the group (the angst level was at red-alert), and removed myself from getting NUTS messages. Not one single person emailed me privately to ask exactly what the story was (or at least my side).
      It was a private email sent to kgunter/dgunter that started this all. I do not have a copy of the email since it was sent thru geocaching.com (and I never check the "send yourself a copy" option). If kgunter/dgunter have the email, they are more than happy to post it here for dissemination.
      The gist of the email was that I had noticed that they had been finding a lot of caches and were very active. I pointed out that they had lots of caches that had been disabled for months (in some cases 3-4 months or more), all with lots of DNFs, and several confirmed missing,.
      I copy and pasted the portion of the geocaching.com guidelines regarding maintenance:
      As the cache owner, you are also responsible for physically checking your cache periodically, and especially when someone reports a problem with the cache (missing, damaged, wet, etc.). You may temporarily disable your cache to let others know not to hunt for it until you have a chance to fix the problem. This feature is to allow you a reasonable time – normally a few weeks – in which to arrange a visit to your cache. In the event that a cache is not being properly maintained, or has been temporarily disabled for an extended period of time, we may archive or transfer the listing.
      The caches in question have gone long past that. I stated in the email to then that they should archive the disabled caches if the were not going to be repaired/replaced/maintained.
      Here's the event's leading up to that email:
         * kgunter/dgunter disabled several caches for several months.
         * I emailed them after checking and confirming one of their caches is indeed missing (as others have done).
         * After no reply, I log SBA (should be archived) notes on a couple of their caches that are confirmed missing or have been disabled for many months. This was to bring it to the attention of the geocaching.com approvers (who do not monitor disabled caches, but do receive SBA notices).
         * After a few weeks, I send another personal email to kgunter/dgunter. Did that email ask/state/demand that the archive ALL their caches? No.
      So to recap: I wrote them an email. Later, I brought some of their problem caches to the attention of the approvers (reviewers) via SBA logs, then I wrote them another (private) email...all regarding some confirmed missing, not maintained, and ignored disabled listings (someone mentioned 'chain of command'. I went to the cacher, then the approver, then the cacher again, never once airing dirty laundry in public. That's the proper way to do it). Was that policing? Yes. I did exactly what I would expect someone to do if one (or several, or many) of my caches had a problem. I'm down to only a few active caches that I maintain in a timely fashion. This area had (has) a LOT of caches that have been disabled for a LONG time (I think I even wrote a message here about that a while ago). It's a problem I don't really understand. If your cache has a issue...fix it. Or archive it if you don't want to fix it. Sounds simple enough.
      I have corresponded with one of the local reviewers about cache listings, and problems like if the cache has the wrong size description or other issues. The reviewer said that it's best handled by the caching community in the logs. Reviewers do not have the time, ability, or desire to "police" disabled caches or caches with other issues.
      I have no idea why kgunter/dgunter archived ALL of their caches. That's their prerogative. I have not received any emails personally from them. The entire intent was for them to MAINTAIN their disabled listings, or archive their disabled listings (only). My question about archiving 40 caches is if they are going to retrieve all the caches, or leave them out as geo-litter?
      I have always offered myself to newbies who have questions. I often send new local cachers a "welcome to geocaching" email with an offer to join the NUTS list. Sometimes even experienced cachers need guideline reminders.
      So that's the long and short of it. Have you looked at your owned cache list lately? These look familiar?
      Yup, it's gone missing. I'll replace soon.
       July 3
      Checked on this cache today and it was gone!<snip> I will replace it shortly.
       July 5
      Well it looks like someone (muggles) decided to play a little game with our cache! Not for long. We will temp. disable until we get a chance to  <snip>
       August 16
       July 8
      Need to check and make sure that all is ok.
       May 21
      will replace soon
       March 19
      Seems like this one is gone (again). Time to bring it on home and breathe new life into it.
       June 27
      <snip> i will disable this cache and move it to a safer spot, again my apologies......til later, <snip>
      So...to end on a lighter note...it's my birthday, and I'm off to Hulas for lunch with my wife.
      Happing caching!
      Ed Nelson
      The Badge & The Butterfly

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