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Re: [NUTS] Let me introduce myself....

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  • Chuck Murphey
    I think you have proved that you are NUTS . WELCOME. Thewoodchuck also a Gold user. ... From: Blucruz To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, September
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 5, 2005
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      I think you have proved that you are "NUTS" .
      Thewoodchuck also a "Gold" user.
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      From: Blucruz
      Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2005 11:41 PM
      Subject: [NUTS] Let me introduce myself....

      Hi, my name is Gary. I go by "Blucruz" online. I have a Blue Land
      Cruiser, It just stuck. Anyway I have a wife Tracey, & two daughters
      Brittany(14) and Katie(9). They turned me on to this whole Geocaching
      thing a few weeks ago while on a camping trip at Gold Lake.
      It seems that while we were up there doing volunteer work for the USFS
      at the 4x4 campground, one of the USFS people was talking about
      finding a geocache in that area. My daughters and wife asked a few
      question and they were given the website(geocaching.com) where all the
      questions we might have could be answered. Wow what a tremendous site.
      To make a short story long, I went on this site and searched for
      something close to the house in an area that I was familiar with. I
      punched in the lat/long into my Garmin 12cx that I never use but had
      cause it was cool, and we went out on the evening of 8/17 and drove up
      the road a ways. I was shocked, it put me right on top of it...hey
      this is kind of fun! I can get into this. So I got back online and
      just had to get a newer GPS. Something I could load maps & waypoints
      into. Bought a Magellan Gold with 64 meg sd card & the Mapsend Topo
      CD's. Nice unit!
      Well yea, it's fun and I'm absolutely hooked! The best thing is the
      whole family is hooked! We just got home from a marathon day of
      Geocaching. I think we hit over 40 but only found 28. A few were in
      places that had way too many people around and then a couple we just
      couldn't find at all. We'll keep trying though.
      Are you bored yet? I hope not. I wish I would have known about this
      sooner because I feel I've missed out on a lot of good potential
      family time. We had a blast today. 12 hours in the car with mom and
      dad and the kids were still laughing on the way home. Ok I'm ranting
      now, I'll shut up. I hope to meet many of you soon. from what I've
      read on here you all sound like a really fun group. Happy Caching!
      Gary "Blucruz"    

    • bintigger@aol.com
      Welcome again Gary and Family.. good luck and Happy Caching
      Message 2 of 7 , Sep 5, 2005
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        Welcome again Gary and Family.. good  luck and Happy Caching
        <~~ also a GOLD user....
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