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RE: [NUTS] NUTS Party Fund

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  • BootyBuddies
    Bryan - Do you still have the Pirate TB with you? We would like to take it to Seattle with us next weekend. Bill & Debby Bryan Wright
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2005
      Bryan  - Do you still have the Pirate TB with you?  We would like to take it to Seattle with us next weekend.  Bill & Debby

      Bryan Wright <bryan@...> wrote:

      Three cheers for R&C!!!!  Hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!  Hip hip hooray!!!


      Gail, you should tell the Durham Parks folks that they owe you some of the money back since they turned on the wrong electrical boxes! J


      Thanks again to all of you for organizing a great event at a great site!!


      The SKWERL



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      Hello all...

      Just an update regarding the NUTS fund. We sold 135 tickets netting $135. Rock and Crystal won the 50/50 raffle and decided to donate their half ($67.50) back to the fund so it remained at $135 then we received donations bringing the grand total to $190.


      As many of you are aware, this money is available to fund events. The cost of reserving the covered pavillion at the Durham Park was $150 and previously there had only been $147.50 in the fund so all we had left after paying for the Durham Park reservation was an empty container so the generosity of this group has replinished the fund for future events.


      The money and container is currently at our house so whomever decides to host the next event...please contact us whenever you need the funds.



      Gail (Escapades)

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