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Re: [NUTS] GeoWoodstock III

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  • Shel Brabrook
    Wow thanks for the good report and all the photos. It looks like you had a good trip. ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!?
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 5 7:41 AM
      Wow thanks for the good report and all the photos. It
      looks like you had a good trip.

      --- Escapades <escapades4cache@...> wrote:

      > Hi all...
      > I just wanted to share what a great time we had at
      > GeoWoodstock III
      > in Florida! Those folks there put on an awsome event
      > and made us
      > feel very welcome. There was an excess of 500
      > cachers there
      > including some from Germany and I think I heard
      > Sweden. We from
      > California (NUTS, RCGDS, BADGES) were able to
      > experience
      > caching "Florida style" and found some interesting
      > camo jobs (watch
      > out!)and gained some great ideas for future events
      > in our area.
      > There were representatives from Groundspeak and
      > Today's Cacher there
      > as well. There were lots of prizes raffled off and
      > those of us who
      > attended were given some of the first of the new
      > Jeep Travel bugs so
      > be on the look out for those! We found an
      > unbelievable number of
      > caches without much effort. There are some who found
      > over 400 in 4
      > days (TeamAlamo from BADGES).
      > The Meet and Greet dinner Friday night was buffet
      > style and there
      > were several caches to be had at the
      > restaurant...pocket caches, a
      > cache to be logged there and hidden later, caches
      > within walking
      > distance of the restaurant, and others. Afterwards,
      > many, many, many
      > cachers went to do a night cache. Fun, fun, fun! The
      > event the next
      > day was at a beautiful park with beautiful, clean
      > beaches with lots
      > of lifegaurds, hiking and biking trails in a forest
      > like atmosphere,
      > a lake for canoeing (no swimming..hmm, I wonder
      > why?), a water park
      > for kids, and a great bunch of cachers to swap
      > stories with. The
      > food provided was amazing (did I mention no cost to
      > us?) and the
      > amount of water and soda provided seemed like an
      > endless mountain!
      > There were at least 50 (probably many more than
      > that) caches to be
      > found right there at the park. The weather was a
      > little warm and
      > muggy but us Northern Californian's can handle a
      > little heat and
      > then some! We were just happy that the thunderstorms
      > that had been
      > forcast held off for us. At the end of the day, we
      > were all tired
      > and ready to sleep.
      > Sunday, we decided to go on the St. Augustine cache
      > run. The way
      > this worked, we used hand held radios to communicate
      > our destination
      > and we all followed each other caching. Who ever
      > found the cache,
      > logged it for everyone (Team STAR)and then we were
      > on to the next.
      > The team found about 60 caches that day. What an
      > experience! Once we
      > reached the historic area of St. Augustine, we split
      > off the group
      > and went our seperate ways - some did the touristy
      > thing, some
      > continued caching - some (us) did both. Afterwards,
      > we were off to
      > an event dinner (which included Alligator for those
      > who were willing
      > to try it) and lots of socializing and this
      > officially ended our
      > GeoWoodstock event extravaganza! What a great time!
      > The following day, we (The Escapades)decided to take
      > a road trip to
      > Savannah Georgia and since we were that close, we
      > continued up to
      > South Carolina. Another great day! The next morning,
      > we headed home.
      > I have posted some pictures on the NUTS page if
      > anyone is interested.
      > Gail (Escapades)

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