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6374Re: [NUTS] Early Nov event?

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  • Cathy Randall
    Oct 25, 2013
      Haha just realized this is not where I thought so I WONT be there...thought y'all were closer lol woops I read it as UpperLake near Nice lol thanks anyways...

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      Cathy Randall <cathy@...> wrote:


      What is the gc for the event hasit been approved? I don't see it????

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      redhawk2853@... wrote:


      Well... It's got NUTS in the title. What say ye Yar?Yar!?? NUTS or no NUTS. I think we can shake out one or two for the occasion. Might even find some swag give aways, but again it's Yar?Yars! gathering. R&C

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      Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 07:49:09 -0700
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      Is this going to be an official NUTS event??? Because I would love to get my 2k golden NUT! :)

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      redhawk2853@... wrote:


      We've got this event on our calendar. Hope to see y'all there. Thanks for getting this one going.


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      From: "yaryar@..." <yaryar@...>
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      Request is in and room reserved.  We shall see if they approve it.
      Round Table Forrest Rd@6-9pm Wed Nov 6th.  Hopefully we can watch the launch from there  :D

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      Please, go for it. Two events are better than one.

      I know you weren't talking to me, but RT is good. They have WiFi there.

      On 10/22/2013 10:30 AM, yaryar@... wrote:
      > GC4Q0X8 is scheduled for the night of the 7th. I'm with 2cookies and
      > would prefer Wednesday the 6th, and while upper park is nice, Round
      > Table (or the like) is much more comfortable for socializing. Plus the
      > launch is at 8pm our time on the 6th...
      > Thrak; how does RT sound? Got the contact for reserving the back room?

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