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6306Re: [NUTS] Ammo Cans

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  • cathy@pacific.net
    May 27, 2012
      yep in Ukiah GI JOES they ar very cheap less than 8 a can dep on size!

      > Now I know why I don't see ammo can hides any more. Went to Reno a few
      > weeks back and stopped by Twin Cities Surplus and thought I would pick up
      > two or three can to replace ones of mine that had grown legs and walked
      > off over the past couple of years. To be fair, these were the larger size
      > cans, but they wanted $39.99 (and no, I didn't slip a decimal) a piece for
      > them!! Walked out empty handed. Any of you know of a source for cheap
      > cans??!!! I remember, way way back when when they were eight bucks a pop.
      > Thanks, Sierra Rat (Jack)
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