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6245Re: [NUTS] Re: My wife doesn’t like most cache s … Can you guys help …?

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  • Kimberly Makin
    Sep 7, 2011
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      We went to Eureka this weekend and found a good one at Kings Cross.  My family does not like to participate either, so this was a good one for them, it helps that the history was with it so my mom was interested.  Also a nice hike on a maintained trail on the beautiful coast of northern California.    

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      Along that lines you may also notice certain profiles that hide along the lines you like. Some creative, some devious, some quick.

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      Try looking for caches with many favorite points.  This is not foolproof, but is a good place to start finding special caches and creative cache placers.  You can even sort for most favorite points by inputting your zip code and whatever number of miles you're willing to drive in the "hide and seek a cache" page.  After the list pops up, click on the blue symbol at the top of the favorites points column and it will sort by most points.  I found many that way that I never would have otherwise.  Have fun!

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