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6226Re: nanos ARE micros

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  • Courtney Calkins
    Aug 10, 2011
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      As a hider, the problem I often run into is that the “entire cache” that I hide is often much larger than a nano or a micro.  I build caches that are fairly large, but many times there is only room for a log. For instance I just had a hide that was 4-5 inches long but it cannot hold anything but the log…. (size??)  I told Bobolu the size of the cache and it actually threw him off.  I can think of one cache I hid and it was 18 inches long and 5-6 inches wide, but could only hold a log, so I left the size blank.  I don’t hide “typical” caches, so I don’t know how to accurately describe the cache.  When I am not sure, I leave the SIZE blank.


      So I’m not trying to distract or trick people, but many times I  don’t know what the “fair” description would be of my caches would be.


      Seeking clarity,


      .Quad  (aka Courtney)




      Courtney CC Calkins, LMFT



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