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6045Re: [NUTS] What to do?

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  • thrak@pacbell.net
    Dec 3 9:13 PM
      That might also work with the N.U.T.S. event - in conjunction with it. Can someone detail what the actual requirements are for obtaining the Geocaching Merit Badge? I favor helping kids but am a bit ambivalent about scouting. I do know that eyesofice2us (Mike) was pretty involved with the BSA as a Venturing Adviser and I'd be VERY in favor of doing something like this in his memory. If it wouldn't work in conjunction with the proposed regular N.U.T.S. event (like I said, I don't know the merit badge requirements) perhaps there could be a separate event for this specific purpose.

      (I had some poor experiences with scouting - both as a youth in a couple of towns in this area and later with my sons here in Chico. I'm a bit "wobbly" as far as jumping in with support for scouting but the problems seemed to me to be more with the parents of the scouts than the kids themselves.)

      On 12/3/2010 9:01 PM, Anthony Guzzi wrote:  
      I had this idea where we have a day event that boy scouts could come to and fulfill their requirements for the geocaching merit badge.  Kinda like a "geocaching merit badge boot camp".

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      On Dec 3, 2010, at 8:14 PM, "thrak@..." <thrak@...> wrote:



      If you are thinking of helping a family at Christmas or something of that sort, I've seen that done before. What boggled me is that I work for a state "do gooder" organization. The clerical staff (and myself) came up with everything from a computer to bicycles for the family. (I put together a computer system for the family. Not the latest and greatest but better than the system my wife and I used for college not that long ago.) I literally had a pickup load of stuff and when we dropped it off the guy who was collecting stuff for the families was totally blown away. The "boggled" part is that the counseling staff - who make MUCH more money than the clerical folks - gave exactly ZERO. They were great with giving away our tax money but, when it came to their own money, none of it was forthcoming. Go figure.

      Ok - mini rant over. If you are trying to get something of that sort together perhaps we could donate toward the effort. Perhaps some of the cash to buy a few things but mostly the N.U.T.S. could maybe donate to a stash of items. There are giving trees or whatever where you can adopt a family and there's a list of what they need/want/wish for. I don't know how this would be done - you've likely noticed over the past 6 years or so that I'm not an organizer type. I'm just wondering if this is the sort of thing you were angling toward and it wasn't picked up on by our group.

      On 12/3/2010 6:22 PM, Gary McElroy wrote:


      Well after a week and with responses from only 12 people I'm a little miffed as to why there wasn't more input on this topic. I really would have liked to have done something to make the Holidays a bit better for some less fortunate but with the lack of response I am going to table it for now.
      I will comment on the talk about donating gps units to scouting councils though. Based on my past experience as being a Scouting Father for the last 15 years, I would not donate anything to a Council, Boy or Girl Scout. Councils, at least in this area seem to forget about the kids with their corporate mentality. I have seen donations in the form of equipment and supplies go to waste in storage before the council would let the kids have at it.  I would be more than happy to donate to established individual troops but I would not donate to the council as a whole.
      I do like Thrak's Idea of having a gathering and therefore there will be  a NUTS Event in early January in Chico or Oroville somewhere so watch for it.
      Anyhow we will decide at the event what we will do with whatever is left after the event.
      Gary (Blucruz)

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