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6038Re: [NUTS] What to do?

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  • Paul Bryant
    Nov 29, 2010
      For whatever type of GPSr is or maybe donated, the Boy Scout's Geocaching merit badge requires the scout to mark a waypoint, compare the accuracy of WGS84 and UTM coordinates systems, and to set up a course that makes use of at least 4 waypoints.  The Geomate.jr. only allows for one waypoint, based on the specifications. 


      I am a Geocaching merit bade counselor and I am working with my first group of scouts.  Between the three GPSrs that I own, and a few others that are owned by other family members, we haven't been lacking for GPSrs.  Our unit may be unique, but I wouldn't count on that.


      Paul (Twiddleflip)

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      I'm all in favor of helping organizations by donating items such as others AND with the geomate.jr but....... I'm also in favor of a major N.U.T.S. event. It's been far too long since there was a major get together. We could be generous with ourselves as well. A big Christmas meet might be good. I can remember a nice event in Oroville one Christmas. Just my 2ยข worth.

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      What about the geomate.jr    Already has all of the caches installed  Really easy to use and very accurate


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      > I had the same thought as Michelle, that it would be better to donate GPS's to
      > the local council that way many troops could use them.

      I agree with that sentiment, we want as many people using them as possible.

      At the same time, I think the money could be used to buy several lesser units,
      such as the Gecko to make the money stretch as much as it can.

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