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6028Re: [NUTS] What to do?

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  • bnbschneider2@aol.com
    Nov 24, 2010
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      I am sure there is a lot of children in the area that sure could use some new school cloths .my wife and I were in walmart yesterday and took a card of the wish  tree for a 11 year old that wanted some clothes for xmas,and bought him pants shirt and coat ,the wish tree works  this young boy was asking for clothes NOT toys.

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      Subject: [NUTS] What to do?

      Hi all and happy Holidays!

      As you may or may not know we have over $1300.00 in the NUTS bank account and it's been sitting there for over a year. Since we have had no expenses in all of 2010 I am requesting help from all registered N.U.T.S. as to what to do with some of this money.
      I'd like to propose that we donate $1000.00 of our current savings to some worthy causes this holiday season. Angel Trees, Food Banks, Homeless shelters, etc.
      What I need from you is feedback. This message board has been very quiet most of this last year and I'd like to see it lit up with suggestions as to what to do. Please if you have something to say in favor or opposed to this idea then please speak up.
      I would like to make a decision as to what we want to do by December 8th. That's two weeks from today. A poll my also be in order but before we do a poll I'd like to have some suggestions from other NUTS.

      Happy Thanksgiving
      Gary (Blucruz) McElroy

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