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  • Jef Spencer
    Aug 16, 2010
      I was contemplating starting a RCGDS fan page on Facebook but I wanted to get the group's permission first.  There are many of us that are already on FB every day and I think that there would be many potential benefits to a page that we could all tune into and participate on.  (I would also need a couple of you who would be willing to Co-Administer the page, minimal commitment)
      Things that I could see the page useful for.
      Posting experiences on awesome caches. (Cache recommendations)
      Caching collaboration and excursions.
      Update on new event postings for those who don't get notifications or don't utilize "premium" member features.
      Awareness of other Non-Geocaching events that can impact or supplement the Geocaching experience.
      Posting of invites to geocaching events outside of the RCGDS.
      Bring attention to updates in the RCGDS website forums.
      Help new area geocachers find us.
      Geocaching advice, tip and tricks and constructive criticism.
      Maybe a FAQ section in the Discussions section.
      And much much more!!
      What the page would not be used for:
      Player or Cache bashing!!
      A political playground for personal agenda pushing. (either real world or caching)
      Blatently offensive material. (Use common sense here)
      Let me know what everyone thinks.  And worst case scenerio, I could start the page and if it falls apart or gets out of hand it can be deleted very easily. 
      Jef Spencer, SNSpencer@...
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