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5974This Month's RCGDS Event & CITO - Hazel Bridge Closure

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  • Jef Spencer
    Jun 1, 2010
      Just FYI to anyone planning on attending the CITO at the RCGDS Mile this month.
      Improper Disposal? Not on the RCGDS Mile!! (GC26QPB) on June 12th.


      The Bridge at Hazel Avenue will be closed to traffic in both directions.  If you live North of the river (or will be joining us for breakfast) your best bets to get across the river will be to take either the Sunrise Blvd bridge or one of the crossings in Folsom.


      Breakfast Event - Fuel Up Before You Clean Up! (GC26QM9)

      CITO Event - Improper Disposal? Not on the RCGDS Mile!! (GC26QPB) 9AM to Noon.


      Also, for those of you out completing challenges.  This would be a great opprotunity for the 7 Icons Challenge.

      Within the RCGDS Mile there is a Multi, Letterbox, Traditional and an Earthcache. Who knows, there may even be the final for a puzzle that I don't know about.  (Not sure about the accessability to the EC at this time with the construction.)

      7 Icons Challenge (GC1QQF4)

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